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Culinary Delights of Durban – The Awesome Bunny Chow


The food of Durban is as diverse as its demographics. However, as the home of one of South Africa’s largest Indian population, it is hard to escape its unique and delicious version of Indian cuisine.

This cuisine is most typically represented by the Bunny Chow. The Bunny Chow is Indian fast food and quite simply it is a bread loaf filled with curry. Historically this dish was a means of serving up food to Indian workers at a time when the laws of the country did not allow them to be served inside certain restaurant.

This great dish has become somewhat of a staple on menus around Durban and it can be found in nicer restaurants like the Hilton Hotel in Durban CBD and the famous Britannia hotel or the delicious fast food chain Some Like it Hot.

Note – best eaten using your fingers and with a big dash of delicious chutney. Imagebig