Sweet Review #6 – Gum in Cusco, Peru


This is a very special gum review but before we get started a rare picture of me choosing sweets at a ‘sweet shop’ in Cusco.


Okay this is just a stall on the side of the road but this is the way of things here. Check out my look of intense concentration as I peruse the options available. Tirelessly working to bring to the world reviews of the sweets on offer in South America.

1. A Gogo – SuPeR hiper AciDo CHICLE

I have no idea what the name of this gum is supposed to represent but the packaging looks exciting. Watermelon flavoured gum is the order of the day here and I expect that there might be a surprise in store. The red pack and alternating type face seem to give an omen of something to come – something that I am not sure if I am going to like.


The ball of gum itself looks unusually pink and smells strongly – I am not sure what the smell is but it is sweet and reminiscent of lost memories from my childhood.


I pop the pink sphere in my mouth and find that the outside does not taste strongly – I decide to take the plunge and bite down. Chewing my mouth is suddenly filled with an intensely sour sweet, but not particularly watermelon like, flavour. This is great, maybe the first really sour sweet of the trip and it keeps giving for a good 30s or more. At the end my teeth are left feeling somewhat on edge and I am left with an insipid but at least slightly watermelon flavoured, piece of gum in my mouth.

2. BOOGIE ICE limon

This exciting little box makes me feel like I am about to have a party in my mouth and everyone will be invited. Excitedly I prepare to open the box which initially appears to be inpenetrable. I battle with my fat fingers for some time before tearing the end off.


Inside I find two fairly innocent looking pieces of gum but from the packaging and name I expect hidden inside is some mystical force that will make we want to get up and dance. Given the clear impossibility of putting anything pack in the pack I assume these two pieces are meant to be eaten together so in they go.


I cannot describe the surprise when I bite down to find that this gum tastes of both lemon and mint at the same time – thoroughly unexpected and quite unpleasent. I perserverse expecting some boogie to hit me anytime soon but as the flavour slowly fades I realise I have been sourly mislead. I return the tasteless wad of gum to the poor broken packaging and lament – a tear in my eye from the unpleasant moments I have just experienced and the start of a faint headache from the chemical sweeteners.


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