Reflections on La Paz


La Paz is really a city of extremes. It is sat at 3600m, surrounded by mountains, unfeasibly steep streets and unbelievable views everywhere you look. There is a huge park which cuts through the middle of the centre and great contrast between the old city (up the hill) and the new city (down the hill) which feel like completely different places. Their is an abundance of architecture, markets (including the touristic but intriguing witches market full of llama foetuses and other magical items), restaurants and bars. It is also directly next to Bolivia’s fastest growing city – El Alto – the difference between then is that El Alto is on the flat plane at the top of the valley (a stonking 4000m up).

You can read about our walking tour of La Paz here but to add further intrigue and tempt you to visit this interesting place, rather than just transit through, here are some more pictures.


The mighty park and suspension bridge connecting the two sides of the valley


Graffiti on the main thoroughfare


Stunning view of the distant mountains


A roadside electronics shop


A plaza in the new part of the city - this was a small charity food market


View of the city



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