Sweet Review #5 – Sucre, Bolivia


Two exciting sweets today which I have been carrying around in my bag for a while. Em has actually forbade me from buying more until I review these two so here we go. We have another Accor Poosh Fizz and a Nestle Wonka Fun Dip. I can barely contain my excitement.

1. Accor – Poosh! Fizz Mandarina

This sweet comes in a variety of individually wrapped flavours. It is hard to know exactly what is meant by the name Poosh! but the imagery on the pack leads me to think I will soon be foaming at the mouth.


Poosh! - are you ready to foam at the mouth?

These little individually wrapped sweets are quite common in South America but opening this one I find a bright orange bird egg of a sweet with a hard outer shell. I must admit I am nervous to find out what Poosh! means but here goes…


Orange egg

Putting the sweet in my mouth I bite down to release a distinctly chemically but clearly mandarin flavour and a release of something slight fizzy and powdery in the centre. The fizzing sensation from the powder passes quickly and as the remnants of the hard shell dissolve I am left with a vaguely mandarin flavoured chewing gum in my mouth. I have found that many sweets here eventually become a fairly nasty piece of bubble gum and one is left wondering where to spit.

Well as the name suggested I definitely received some fizz and the mandarina bit was fairly self evident. I am still left wanting and wondering what exactly the Poosh! was – did I miss it. I will report back should it surprise me in my sleep later tonight.

Verdict: Taste 3, Mouth Feel 3, Packaging 3, Experience 2 (underwelming)

2. Wonka (Nestle) – Fun Dip, RazzAppleMagicDipp

Many things intrigue me about this product. The psycadelic packaging, the lack of spacing in RazzAppleMagicDip, the registered “Lik.m.aid” slogan which invites lurid interpretation and the “artificially flavoured” caption – yes I was expecting natural Razz Apple.


So much to take in

The first problem – I am not sure how to start. It feels like there are two compartments but how do I open it. For no good reason I decide to try the bottom. I was right and I prise from the smaller compartment an unusual looking eating stick captioned “Lik.a.stik” and in the other an exciting turquoise power.


Where shall I put this?


I think it goes in here

Without further ado I lick the end of the Lik.a.stik and stick (sweet but not strong in flavour) and dunk it in the Razz Apple powder.

Ready to take the plunge

I prepare myself and stick the powdered end in my gob. It takes me a few goes to pin point that flavour and it is basically tastes of very little. I would blame it on the RazzApple but we know this is just an artificial replica of the real thing. It is a shame because the bright packaging and turqoise powder spoke to me of something stronger, more sublime and altogether more inspiring. The stick does not seem to be disappearing fast so I try a quick bite to see if there is something hidden inside, alas no.

This should have been so much better. Perhaps this is what RazzApple is supposed to take like.

I was however left with a pleasingly green tongue (I have spared you the picture but feel free to request a copy by email).

Verdict: Taste 2, Mouth Feel 3, Packaging 4, Experience 1 (disappointment)



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