Sweet Review #4 – Salta, Argentina


Finally – a very late sweet review thanks to the rubbish internet connection in Bolivia.

Two tasty treats today, the first is a Nestle Classic Duo chocolate bar and the second is the awesome Mogul Filled Brains.

1. Nestle – Classic Duo

We were quite excited by this chocolate bar because it is a similar product to a South African chocolate bar by Cadbury called Top Deck. It is also a good chunk of chocolate for the money.

Opening the bar we found the white and dark chocolate blended together quite nicely, although unlike a Top Deck it is difficult to separate the two parts if you want to eat them separately.

The chocolate itself quite sweet and chalky, which I expect is probably partly due to changing temperatures during storage. It unfortunately lacked the nice creaminess that I would have hoped for from the white chocolate. On the plus side the chunks were a good size and there was plenty to go around. Overall, I was happy to eat this bar but it won’t make my top 10 any time soon.

Verdict: Taste 3, Mouth feel 2, Packaging 3, Excitement 3

2. Mogul – Filled Brains
I bought this very exciting looking product some time before I built up the courage to eat it, and I ended up carrying it around in my bag for a good few days. Finally, on one slow bus journey I built up the courage to discover what treats these filled brains had in store for me.

The packaging really says it all and the nice window on front gives you a teaser of the brightly coloured, soft jelly, brain shaped sweets inside. It is clear to see something lurking inside those brains – what horrors awaited me. I was practically sweating with excitement, or was that the bad air conditioning on the bus.

Opening the pack and handling the brains added to the excitement – they had a distinctly brain like squishiness (yes I am an expert on brain texture). Placing the jelly in my mouth the first thing I experienced was a pleasant fruity taste. I took the plunge and bit into the sweet and out oozed a different flavoured fluid – delicious and slightly weird at the same time. Biting one in half this unctuous fluid can be seen oozing out.

Each of the sweets tasted good and the only down side was that there were not enough in the pack. Not for everyday eating but a definite treat

Verdict: Taste 4, Mouth feel 5, Packaging 4, Excitement 5



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