Salta (Argentina) to San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) – Paso de Jama


The Paso de Jama is an incredible pass through the Andes between the Northwest of Argentina and the Atacama desert in the north of Chile. The journey takes about 11 hours from Salta and about 8 hours passing through the Andes. Much of the journey is above 4000m with a climax at 4600m.

The bus ride is stunning initially ascending from Purmamarca in Argentina through a winding pass onto the high plains and across a spectacular salt flat. You move from one strange landscape to the next, eventually heading for a range of distant volcanoes. The journey was amusingly broken up by the couple in front of us consistently managing to spill their hot water on the floor so it ran all the way down to the back of the bus, and the unusual French man next to us who with his bright orange shirt on insisted on leaning over everyone to take pictures.

We also managed to take some great pictures, unfortunately they are out of a very dirty bus window.


Winding pass from Purmamarca, Argentina


Great view of snow capped mountains


Reflective and stretching salt flat


Long straight road in the high plains to mountains and volcanoes





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