Sweet Review #3 – Salta, Argentina


Alimentica Los Andes – NUGATON

I could not resist purchasing this bar because it looked so unpleasant on the shelf. What nasty surprise would await me behind this gothic black packaging with such bold capitalisation – NUGATON. Would it be liquorice, a strange slimey come nutty concoction or just a bar of pure evil, I had to know. So I bought one.


The bar felt strangely light and in the pack it is very chunky so my initial thoughts went to the strange black magic that is might contain. In my hotel room I sat down, took a deep breath and slowly opened the packaging to discover…


…a very normal looking chocolate bar. In fact not just a chocolate bar but basically a big block of chocolate covered wafer.


All I can say if WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. As a wafer bar it is an adequate experience but it is far from what the satanic and shouty packaging promised to deliver. The chocolate is quite creamy, if not a little rich (although that might be because I am eating it on a hot day) and the wafer has a distinctly cardboard taste – it is no KitKat chunky. Overall , I recommend this as a bar to be admired from a distance and unless you are sat in the heat of Argentina craving some chocolate covered wafer then leave it at that.

Verdict: Taste 1, Mouth feel 1, Excitement initially 5 but after opening 1, Packaging 4,


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