Culinary Delights of … Buenos Aires


There is not doubt that Buenos Aires is a culinary centre and there are many tasty morsels to indulge in. Food here is not cheap but it is good value when compared to UK prices. Restaurants and bars are abundant particularly in San Telmo and in Old Palermo (Palermo Viaja) so explore. Warning: poor photogaphy is imminent.

Things we enjoyed :

1. A massive steak: ‘bife de chorizo’ is sirloin and one is enough to share from a restaurant called a ‘parilla’ – don’t expect anything green.


Our picks: Gran Parilla de Plata & Don Ernestos both in San Telmo

2. Some of the world’s best ice cream – ‘helado’ is ice cream and can be bought from one of the abundant ‘heladelarias’

Our pick: dulce de leche flavour

3. Sweet juicy mango for breakfast – a mango is simply ‘uno mango’ and one can be bought for about 8 pesos

Our pick: find one of the abundant fruit sellers

4. Italian food for dinner – BA had a major influx of Italian immigrants in the past and great pizza and pasta is abundant


Our pick: La Roslia in  San Telmo for it’s amazing pasta

5. Lovely pastries anytime of day – ‘medialunas’ are half moon shaped pastries of multiple varieties and can be bought from a ‘panaderia’. We ate 2 every day for breakfast. The little pot next to it is dulce de leche which Em is not officially addicted to.

Our pick: try as many different types as you can

6. ‘Menu del Dia’ for lunch – this is the lunch time set menu and is often great value for money including starter, main, dessert and a drink

Our pick Tilde Restaurant in San Telmo

A few other places we liked were:
– Krakow bar in San Telmo for beer and a burger
– One of the many places where you choose from a buffet and pay per 100g
– Not quite Buenos Aires but free whisky and ‘champagne’ on our bus to Iguazu was fun


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