Sweet Review #2 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


1. Beldent Sensations – Manazana and Ananá (apple and pineapple)

A strange thing happens on the subway in BA – people come into the carriage with goods to sell (e.g. 2013 diary, coloured pencils, etc…). These goods get placed on the laps of everyone in the carriage by the vendor, while he is walking up the carriage the vendees have some time to look at the purchase and then the vendor returns to either collect the goods or take payment.

To my surprise I found that this was an unexpected distribution channel for Mondelēz to get some of their Beldent Sensations chewing gum to me, and at 5 pesos I could hardly say no.

Well I got home and excitedly unwrapped my purchase this afternoon and I am happy with what I found. The pack itself was a little battered, presumably from the contact with many sweaty Buenos Aireans on the subway. However, it had a plastic wrapper so I felt confident in the quality.


Opening the colourful pack I found hands reaching up from inside which was pleasing. The tab of gum itself was a little difficult to remove from the pack but I persevered. Unwrapping the small package I found a nice sandwich of presumably apple and pineapple flavoured gum.




Eating the gum I was very pleasantly surprised as the flavour of apple and pineapple both came through strongly and finally a sweet that doesn’t have an acrid chemically taste – hooray, thank you Mondelēz. This product is very similar to some of the Mondelēz products in the UK but a great flavour combination and so convenient because it literally fell into my lap on the subway.

Verdict: Taste 4, Mouth feel 3, Excitement 4 (thanks to subway vending), Packaging 3

2. Accor – Small chewy sweets (name unclear)

These great little chews are super cheap and super tasty. I tried cherry and orange.



They do come out of the packet looking like someone has already started chewing them but don’t be put off. You can find them in many small corner shops in a small box and just pick up a little handful for some pleasurable few minutes of fruity mastication.

Verdict: Taste 4, Mouth feel 4, Excitement 3, Packaging 1

Hasta luego,



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  1. Honestly, you go half way round the world and all you can talk about is sweets?! You could at least tell us about the weather or something! What sort of music are you hearing over there? Xxx

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