Sweet Review #1 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


We love to try new and unusual confectionery in the countries we visit and Argentina has been no exception. We love to share so here is our first sweet review (pun intended) from Argentina.

1. Mogul, Masticables Confitados


Very colourful chewy (masticables) sweets but the pack is somewhat more exciting than the sweet itself. The sweets were unfortunately lacking in distinction and the overriding taste was just of something very sweet. They were a lot like Skittles in the UK which for me was never a great sweet.

Verdict: Taste 2, Mouth feel 1, Excitement 1, Packaging 3

2. Mr Pops, Evolution, Cereza y Tutti Frutti (cherry and Tutti Frutti)



I had high hopes for this exciting little lollypop – despite the initial confusion with the word for cherry (cereza) and the word for beer (ceveza). Opening the pack the lolly looked great. I popped it in my mouth only to find the overriding flavour was strangely chemically. I didn’t let this stop me and continued sucking away and slowly found some unusual protrusions emerging from the lolly itself. The colour and texture at this point was very odd and I wondered if they had accidentally left a piece of plastic inside the lolly mould.


I perservered to find this unusualy protrusion was actually a very limp piece of bubble gum with a different but equally acrid fruity flavour.

Verdict: Taste 1, Mouth Feel 1, Excitement 3 (mainly for the unusual protrusions), Packaging 1

Stay tuned for the next sweet review – hasta luego. Chris.


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