Recoleta Cemetry


When you think of popular tourist attractions you don’t ordinarily think of a cemetery, but then Recoleta Cemetery is anything but ordinary.

Shamefully, Chris and I knew absolutely nothing about the  cemetery before we arrived. We could not tell you one piece of history of the place or of the famous people buried there. All I knew was that Eva Peron’s grave is there and that is a good enough reason to visit. So, it is fair to say that we were sufficiently overwhelmed by the scale of the burial sites at this place. Each one, neatly packed against the next, contained grander and grander monuments to the families whose corpses it housed. 

Sadly, there was no tourist information or guide so we learnt absolutely nothing.  However, we did manage to find  Florence, a friendly map seller who did tell Chris that she does not care about the whole Falkland/Malvina issue and still loves him. She also made us promise to eat a KitKat chunky for her (purchased either from Sainsburies or Tesco) when we get back to the UK. I think we can manage that!

Here are some pictures of some that caught our eye….and, of course, Evita’s grave (last 2 pictures)





We weren’t the only famous people visiting that day. The President of Estonia was also there (although we note that he only visited Evita’s grave). We didn’t get a picture of him because we were much more intrigued by his heavily armed entourage.



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